First blog post

Graphic Design student.

Exploring possibilities
through never ending sleepless nights
of creating and experimenting
the visual beauty of communication.




Week 8 – Type I Final


Type Final Word

After working on the word stultify for weeks I’ve really became more intimate with this word and with the materials I used. For this week, it was time to refine and photograph our word for the final.

The past weeks have taught me a lot. It taught me that there are mistakes that we needed to do in order to get here. Ideas are amazing but they’re usually not easily reproduced in reality. With my material I had to go and experiment with different methods on how to do it. Some may work out really well, like the form and its structure. One of the experiments with the mounting spray made it preserve the magnet effect for a period or time but doesn’t show the word.

From the last critique one of the things that was said was that the “y” needs a little kerning to the left. So i used the stamp tool to move it closer as seamless as possible.

I wasn’t very familiar with photoshop so I asked someone to help me on what I can do on top of what the class was teaching. He taught me how to merge layers use different adjustment tools to get the colors how I want it, as well as make the photo more detailed. It’s nice to stumble upon thing on your own but there were things I learned that I never figured could be done.

Edited and kerned



This was my contrasted, cleaned up word after the critique. I didn’t feel satisfied with it. First because i think it became like there was a filter over it and it looks very forced and fake. If i was going to fake the magnetic field I needed to make it as best as i can. So i made it thinner and cleaner after referencing them. Also, I was told that the best light is natural light. What i did was take photographs when the sun rose enough to cast brightness but no shadows yet around 6:30 am. This helped a lot in balancing the light evenly throughout the photograph.

After this past week I have more appreciation of Type. As the professor said its a material that can be molded and explored. The iron fillings was used but it was only an additive to the word. The focus is still the word. The struggle was not the material but how to conform it into the word and stay true to the typeface. Which I now understand why we had to explore this method because it taught us that typefaces are another set of material.

For the Final, I also asked feedbacks from the juniors. I asked if the color was working and the composition. To have my magnet in it or not. They told me to consider the relationship of it, wether the audience would know the connection of it to overall image. It was helpful to ask them, and it gives you a wider range of things to work and improve on. Although, in the end it would be my decision to make, these constructive feedbacks help the thought process and how we end up with our choices.


Week 7 – Type

Week 7, finalizing the last details of our words and trying to set up an environment for it to live in. This weeks struggle was making decisions on what kind of methods i should use.

For this week we had to finish our words and be ready for photograph it. Then we have to do a critique on what to improve and refine with. I brought in my word and my peers suggested that I make it black white try to clean up the edges of my words and fill in some of the wholes. Which I did and it made it so much better.

finalizing the word
doing my best to clean it up
first draft of my word

On Thursday we had to submit a tiled A2 of our photo. Our images of course has to look as professional as it can be. Thus me, Marwa and Aljazi made our mini studio with foam boards and an LED light. This is when we realized that we still need another light since it casted too much shadow and contrast on our photos that it made it too dark. We tried experimenting with lights off and on. I also saw that some colors reflect of the picture like Marwa’s red ribbons, that was things I noticed in photographing our projects.

another method i could have done
placing a letter to create a negative letter








One suggestion of the Professors was to make it into separate pieces. I tried doing it but after a experiments i noticed that when you remove the letter in the middle it distorts the typefont. Professor Mahmoud gave me a few ideas which i tried out but i didn’t have enough time to figure out the how to make it work.

made our tiny studio
second draft photo for the final




First Final Draft.


Ultimately, i had to make the decision to stick with what i have and refine it as well as I can. This was the one i used for the tiled a2. A shot taken from our mini studio. Aljazi gave me the idea of making the magnetic fields by sprinkling the iron in an arch method which made it look more in line with the material.

Week 8 – Methods and Processes

Today, we brought in examples of high and low vernacular design. We saw that high and low vernaculars could be from the syntactic elements of it. For example, high quality of paper or high quality of print. It could also be the visual presentations of them. The Villagio Mall’s high end area where all the global brands are definitely treated with more details and ornaments, such as gold linings on the walls as well as gold pieces on the floor. This area is more classy and elegant compared to the general brands. We also learned about mapping, wherein a map doesn’t have to be a literal map. It could also pertain to an icon that was refined and incorporated to a visual language.

Week 7-M&P

A visual dissection of my poster.

I used pink because that was the original color of the my object before it got covered by the yellow paint.

boxing glove to throw a hook
hook: similarly called as the same as my object’s name ( word play)
I like the sense of organic shape i found on the mushroom
A piece of string i used to create ribbon or infinity line.


Week 7- Methods and Process Final Poster

A load off my shoulder after this. From the last word of this blog until the next project i feel like i can finally breathe evenly. This project has been such a long journey and it brought me to different places i didn’t expect. The phases truly helped a lot of my thinking process. I also learned many things such as the semantic and syntactic loads. I can’t promise not to forget all i learned but i do know that i would be trying to go back to this and apply the methods on my future projects.

Before i finalized this poster, we played “haterade” i felt like this help our individual skills on what to look for when analyzing a poster. Also, this develops our skills of accepting criticisms. Another thing that I realized was important is to give helpful suggestions but not objective. Just because you personally don’t like the color or the typeface doesn’t mean you won’t have a more logical reason for it.

It was also hard to just put a stop to creating, i do feel a little sad that this project is ending because it was a big learning curve and memorable project. There was still so much to learn after it though and i’m looking forward not at the hardships but on what a changed person i will be afterwards.

Taking things from my 100 things and integrating it to the poster was surprisingly an interesting combination. It’s unrecognizable from my first poster to the current one. From the suggestions of my peers, i tried to try to make their suggestions work. Like making the white border go away, the text bigger but most of them were very minor adjustments and more like cleaning up the poster.

Critiqued poster.

Week 6 – Methods and Process

I found this book, which gave me a little idea on posters.

Placing diagonal directions
a poster research that tells where most of the key elements of a poster are located



I find that I don’t like making posters very much. Making a poster about my object, a hook. When the project brief was given i was really focused on the journey that we went through for the first 5 weeks. But this week i was off the mark a lot. I saw what everyone was doing, and it didnt seem related to the object or what they went through but something more political or persuasive. So i got confused, i thought that was what we were supposed to do. Heavily influence by what my peers were doing i followed suit. Although, I did still try to incorporate things i learned but saw that in the end it didn’t show much. I was very confuse on what step to take next, i was also confuse on how was i suppose to make something very personal to relate to the audience? I really didnt know what path to take. And then the last critique happened and I asked the professor what i can move to. What i took from that conversation was to focus more on the form and less about the message. The poster is about the object but that doesnt mean it has to look like it. It woul be intersting if there were different things going on and making people think of why is that there and their relationship.

Poster 1,
flaws: too much illustrator.
Poster 2
getting there, still too much illustrator
Poster 3
Initial sketch for the Final

Going through the past weeks, I was honestly just hanging in there deadline after deadline. This resonated to me and i wanted to incorporate that in my poster. We all have a lot of stress and a hundred things to do, but i believe this is what makes our lives break free from its repetitiveness. We need this to develop our selves.  I didn’t thin make a poster causes this much intention and learning but it does and it did.

Week 6 – Type I

glass and magnet with foam cut papers.
cutting up the typeface from tape
piping glue
no adhesive experiment
manually gluing it down (without using magnet)
first try

I knew I was going to be facing challenges. In a way, i feel like i unconsciously put myself up for this and i don’t regret it. I chose magnets and iron fillings because i found it interesting and unconventional. Not a lot of people have dealt with it and it’s hard to research methods and ways on tackling this. For this reasons, there is little i can do in the research department, and more on the experiments. So i did. I experimented in different ways, played with the materials, wether it was spray mounting it first or manually one by one adding the grains of metal. I realize that i like challenges, and i saw the difference between last year and now. I can honestly say freshman year was time consuming but it was smooth sailing. Graphic design is so much more of a challenge and i feel good to be pushing myself to my limits. It’s like almost every class has it’s own challenges and it’s hard to wrap around your head, but i do have a positive outlook that even if i fail there was so much knowledge absorbed. Experimenting on this project have given me this insight about myself.

Controlling the iron fillings is admittedly a pain in the neck, but i like the unpredictability of this. You can only control it so much. I still think the material is amazing and versatile every time i try to sculpt it i can see a new form. It’s satisfying seeing it move and stacking over each other. And that is what i want to capture and share to the audience. In my last experiment i mixed mod podge with the iron filling and then placed it on the base then place the magnet behind it. This in turn created a hard and lasting form of the filling even after i removed the magnet. The limit of it is it takes time to dry so i have to wait it out and work on another part. I also have to layer a couple of method to fully outline the letters. Another suggestion is that i work individually and just photograph the idea of it which is less time consuming.

The biggest problem right now is the time constraint might not allow me to fully capture. It’s still not over though. and i can still pull it off God willing.