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Graphic Design student.

Exploring possibilities
through never ending sleepless nights
of creating and experimenting
the visual beauty of communication.




Book Jacket

This project was inspired by crafting type of a material or of a method. Students were asked to choose a verb and use the word’s essence and meaning when “making or crafting it.” It was a long process and the outcome was not as expected.

The verb reminisce was used at first and memory was then chosen as the context of it can be related. It was a project that took a lot of iteration. From the first step to the last. There was much to be learned in terms of craft and decision making. Handling big bodies of texts was also a great learning.



This project revolves around the EJK from the drug war in the Philippines. Worrying for the innocent people caught in the middle of the president’s goal of eliminating drugs in the Philippines by execution or raids, the designer has decided to do a food packaging design that would slowly bring awareness to citizens and hopefully urge the people into fighting for human rights.
There are a lot of vendors selling simple and cheap food on the streets as well as on the bus stops and terminals since the Philippines is a pedestrian country and there are a lot of street traffic. To reach my audience effectively, it was decided to use packaging of food that is sold on the streets so the message can be stealthily sent to everyone, even to supporters of the President’s permission for the extrajudicial killings.
When first buying the product audiences won’t see the message. The consumer would just see a normal bag or container of food with a seal that the president supposedly approves. On the outside, it will seem that he only approves of the product. Although when the person starts eating; he or she will gradually see that there is a graphic image of people killed in this drug war. Piecing it together as overall, the audience will see the whole package, it would look like the President approves of the killings happening, thus having these people’s blood on his hands.

F&C_Packaging 9.jpg



Week 15 – Type Reflection

Final poster that consist of all the projects we made in Type I course. I have learned so much in a span of 4 months. And it’s like a part of me is completely changed and was just soaking in so much information. I love it. It was horrible and stressful but i never knew I’d like what i was doing that much.

For type, going through this projects I have started to take inspirations on even the smallest things. I also saw how grids and system makes things very coherent and intentional. From the consecutive projects in different classes I am slowly learning the reasons why things look off, one of them is sometimes things don’t have any relationship to each other that they look completely different things. One of these thing is that it’s human nature to look for systems or organization. This helps them take in the information in parts. Applying things I’ve learned to this project seems like it became easier to make a poster. I’m satisfied at how this came out. Taking little risks and exploring more than the norm is what I feel like I need to do more. Although I am beginning to do this, I still have a long way to go in becoming my own designer. It’s also an important part to be with colleagues that can have your back. I have high respect for everyone’s opinion and considering their suggestions are sometimes what’s missing.

printed my black into grey, problem in exporting it to pdf
problem with auto orientation instead of portrait

Never trust machines! They’re devils in disguise. They help you and you’re super grateful and then they screw up with you at the last minute. This happened to me when printing. It just had to act up and create more work for me.

Done and mounted!


Week 14 Type

my inspiration for the strip of color

Trying to make a better sketch. It’s a process because I know things are working but I can’t decipher what is working. Also, what I like doesn’t necessarily mean it works. For this week, i tried experimenting with vertical type, which after critique i was told doesn’t work that well. I also added a strip of color because it felt a little dull and dark and needed a pop. So i tried to look for some references of busy black and white posters.

Following some of the advices after printing a2, I made another poster. From the image you can see how they relate from each other.

a1 tiled with comments and critiques

From these comments, I saw the mistakes that i needed to fix. All in all, it needed only a few tweaking and the smallest details. It’s like obsessing over a point or two difference.

Methods and Process Final Reflection [Deconstruction]

our final set uppp
let the games begin

1 What did your group accomplish today?
Today is the day! We finally did it. I feel like we’ve pulled off all the diamonds and from our head and made it into the best possible gem. It wasn’t perfect but all in all everything went as planned.
When they first came it felt like they had a lot to do and we had our concerns like them not finishing in time but in the end they did it!
It was also aligned with out theme. The only thing I felt that might have lacked was that they didn’t realize we were working for team work. Although pretty much all those in the team worked well together and they really set apart their differences and worked as a team.
2 What are the groups concerns about the project today?
We were worried they wouldn’t finish on time as well as not understand the brief.
3 How will the group address and manage these concerns?
We laid out instructions as well as labeled every thing and in the end we also told them or reminded them of some of the unclear rules. Like it can’t be any simpler than that we felt like.
For the time aspect, we made sure to see the ratio of the hardness and the time it would take them was manageable.
1. How did you personally contribute to the collaboration today?
I came early together with Marwa and we made all the last minute preps. Placing more balloons in the pit and also placed more instructions and labels. I also thought of sewing the floating balloons to the cloth of the pit.
2 Reflecting on what has happened today, what did you learn or discover about yourself?
About the design process? About time management?

I realize I don’t work as well as I thought I did with others. I have to keep going and sometime’s I forget that there are other people in the group. It’s hard for a set of people to work together at the same time at the same thing. To me this is near impossible. A person has their own standards and limitation. Their working attitude, the time they work, and their focus. Some people need to have breaks in between each task, others have to continue task after task keeping the momentum and take longer breaks in the middle. This doesn’t mean one is better but it’s just a personal preference. 

This project taught me that I need to be more prepare and meticulous with my work ethics. I should not leave things to chance. There will might be consequences that can cost a bigger impact. I learned that in order to have a better project we have to communicate and really listen to each other.

Deconstructing can take place in a lot of form and different individuals have different takes to it as well. 

Week 15 – Methods and processes

1 What did your group accomplish today?
For the final week of this deconstruction project, we had to finish the every last detail of our installation. This means we have to move the ring into the atrium. We faced a little difficulty. The group did not anticipate the barriers of the ceiling that blocks the only entrance we have access to the atrium. This meant that in the middle of the way we had to disassemble the our ring.
It was a fun debacle and one of our struggles that made us want to give up. In the end, we finished succeeded into placing the ring in the atrium. We then started setting up the tables as well as the paths they would need to use.
Another last minute unexpected obstacles was the helium balloons that we needed. We didn’t expect that a helium balloon only last for 6 hours therefore getting it the night before won’t even work. Due to this we made back up plans, of what will happen if we won’t be able to get this item.
All in all, i feel like we have a good chemistry and our team work was better than expected. Thank God for answering my prayers.
people looking at us like we’re a bunch of stupid designers :))

our set up coming to life
needs more balloons
1 How did you personally contribute to the collaboration today?
I bought some of the materials we needed, as well as worked with Marwa into producing the physical copies. We also stuck the paths on the floor and I printed and helped out Aya with the Ballon Battle cut outs that we made.
Feeling the pressure, I started inflating the balloons in the car as well worried that we might not have enough. For the last minute prep, I asked my dad to help me into inflating balloons.  I didn’t think it was this painful to make the balloons, I feel like out fingers will fall off and I believe i speak for all of the members in this group.
This was a great way of learning to expect the unexpected and be really prepared. I’m very happy with the group and i feel like everyone did a great job and shared equal work. It taught us so much about each other and we develop our social skills when working with other people.
inflating balloons in the car
using this for the path
after asking so many shops we finally found the ones we were looking for
from pink to red

Week 13 – Type

Final project is to create a poster that is a compilation of all the projects we did for the whole course. On Thursday, we were asked to make sketches for class. Then we were given a clue on how to compose the poster. The hook will be the word, then the sentence, and the paragraph and logo as the order of the hierarchy. Considering this I tried arranging my composition to this. The struggle was i felt like I didn’t have a quiet space that i can place my type and it will be readable. So i placed some shapes to elevate the words.

After the critique though, we were shown how we have strong and natural measurements that we can use to lead the audiences’s eyes.  With these, I feel like have a good ground to explore and stand on.